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Luxury travel company Red Savannah has announced details of its Island Hopping in the Cyclades itinerary, combining popular destinations such as Mykonos and Santorini with lesser-known islands.

The 8-day journey will transport guests around the islands on Red Savannah’s privately chartered speedboats. Days will be filled with rich history, culture, and cuisine, while nights will be spent at luxury hotels on some of the most desirable islands.

The tour will begin in picturesque Mykonos with its sugar-cube houses that are punctuated in bright blue and framed by bright pink bougainvillea, before departing for Delos, one of the most sacred islands in Greek mythology and the mythical birthplace of Artemis and Apollo.

Next on the tour is Paros, offering highlights such as Paroikia with its 13th century Venetian castle and the impressive 6th century church of Panagia Ekatontapiliani. The following day, guests will hop on a private boat to the island of Naxos where they can explore sites such as the ancient Temple of Demeter, church of Virgin Mary Drossiani, the marble village of Apeiranthos and Chalki village, where they will have the opportunity to sample the local liquor.

Explore Lesser Known Greek Islands

The scenic cruise will then depart for Santorini, calling at some of the lesser-visited Cycladic islands en-route, such as the fishing village Pano Koufonissi, where guests may sample fresh fish and other seafood delicacies.

While in Santorini, a private guide will lead a walking tour along the rim of the island’s famous volcanic caldera. The ancient trail follows in the footsteps of merchants and mariners of a bygone era, and passes through the traditional whitewashed settlements of the only inhabited caldera in the world.

The final day of the tour delves into Santorini’s culinary heritage with a private food and wine tour showcasing the depth of gastronomic culture on the island. After learning about secret recipes passed from one generation to the next on the island, the tour concludes with a visit to two of Santorini’s best family-run wineries. Following the tour and tastings, guests will enjoy a three course, Meze-style meal which will bring alive everything they have learned during the day.

The Island Hopping in the Cyclades tour starts at $14,452 per person.

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