Rail Europe: A Single Stop for European Rail Travel

Rail Europe

With over 75 years of experience, Rail Europe helps travel agents fulfill the European dreams of over a million travelers every year.

Rail Europe offers one stop to plan and book your clients’ European rail travel by combining the maps and schedules of over 50 different train companies across Europe. Plus, the company gives you its lowest fares online, tools to do research, and the option to add your own service fee and to hold bookings for up to 24 hours.

Rail Europe’s extensive product line includes a wide range of European travel products:

• Rail passes and Rail Œ’n Drive passes

• High-speed train tickets, many available as e-tickets

• Reservations for day and overnight trains

• Airport transfers

• Mountaintop excursions and hotel packages

• City and museum passes

• An extensive array of sightseeing tours

Rail Europe’s agent site, agent.raileurope.com, offers simplicity and convenience in:

• Finding & booking rail passes and train tickets for 32 countries including: France, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Great Britain and Spain

• Booking e-tickets for TGV, Thalys and Eurostar, as well as trains in Spain, Italy, Germany and Great Britain with access to the same domestic fare ranges available there

• Booking travel on Amtrak

• Coordinating and booking travel for groups of 10 or more

• Downloading and printing customizable brochures and product fact sheets

• Signing up for live online webinar training sessions

• Accessing Live Chat

• Becoming a European Rail Expert and Amtrak expert with Rail Europe’s exclusive online training course, TRAC®

While resources and planning/booking tools are a big part of what the company offers, Rail Europe believes that train travel truly enhances the authenticity of any European journey. Your clients get to have a more genuine experience traveling among locals and in comfort. The train travels from city center to city center and can stretch a budget, or make the most of one, offering everything from economy to first-class accommodations. Additionally, the train is an environmentally friendly low-impact form of travel protecting the places we cherish.

To plan and book, visit agent.raileurope.com.