The Debut of Journeys by CH

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Journeys by CH is focusing on trips in Italy and the Med.
Journeys by CH is focusing on trips in Italy and the Med.

Across the board, it seems that many of today’s tour operators have created travel brands offering niche tours catering specifically to families, high-end travelers, adventure-seekers, or those simply looking for unique experiences such as dining with a local or volunteering at a local school. So why is Central Holidays now offering its own travel brand of customized travel experiences in what might be considered a saturated market of personalized tours for travelers?

Well, as Central Holidays’ CEO Gianni Miradoli puts it, “Yes, there are many operators that offer customized itineraries, though few offer the high-end programs…and well beyond that, our programs not only provide tailored travel experiences specifically to the traveler’s desires, but they further feature the ultimate in personalized service to the client.”

The new brand, Journeys by CH, which had a soft launch in May, is aimed at creating tailor-made travel experiences for individuals, families and groups. Central Holidays is known to be the specialist in travel throughout Italy and the Mediterranean, which are fittingly the destinations Journeys by CH is focusing on. “As such, we are launching the new brand with the offering of the ultimate in tailor-made travel throughout Italy, key countries in Europe, and the Mediterranean. As the brand continues growing, we will expand,” says Miradoli.

He adds that it’s important to cater to what today’s market is dictating, and what today’s travelers are looking for, which is “high-end customized itineraries, one-of-a-kind experiential activities, VIP experiences, new destinations, soft adventures, and novel new opportunities. Journeys by CH responds perfectly with the travel planning and destination expertise of Central Holidays and its unique knowledge to provide this ever-growing niche with the ultimate in tailor-made, high-end customized itineraries.”

Other distinctive points that set Central Holidays apart from other tour companies, says Miradoli, is its unique approach focused on the overall knowledge of the destination, as well as its in-country presence in each destination. “Journeys by CH offers a near endless variety of high-end products, VIP experiences, cars and driver/tour leaders that speak perfect English and showcase their more than perfect knowledge of each place visited for the most memorable experiences. Furthermore, since Central Holidays is a preferred supplier with many key travel agent consortia, Journeys by CH fills a gap that will be certainly highly appreciated,” he adds.

Central Holidays shared one of these tailor-made itineraries, created for a group of nine traveling to Italy. The 13-day itinerary was bespoke with highlights that included a private tour of Rome and its Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel; a special gelato tasting; and a private yacht tour of the island of Capri and its Blue Grotto. Hotel accommodations included Hotel Eden in Rome; the seaside Hotel Covo dei Saraceni in picturesque Positano; and the boutique Hotel Palazzo Gattini in Matera—all stunning properties.

Another example of a trip created for a group (this one without a set itinerary) traveling to Italy, was their specific request to stay in a villa. Backed by Central Holidays’ experts in the country, specialists were able to find a stunning villa on Lake Como, complete with butler service, a Mercedes-Benz, a full wine cellar, a chef, and boat to tour the lake.

“To be able to offer the ultimate in travel with the utmost in reliability and credibility for our Journeys by CH clients, we know that we must have full and complete knowledge of the destinations we are offering, as well as our own staff in the destination to manage all the details of these highly customized vacations, which we are very pleased to say that we certainly do have,” says Miradoli.

Nevertheless, these tailor-made, luxury tours go beyond the five-star hotel accommodations. As Miradoli notes, “High-end does not necessarily mean five-star properties only. Today high-end or luxury often refers to experiencing each destination authentically, enjoying VIP access to amazing attractions, staying in unique accommodations that are focused on a specific attribute or that is situated in an off-the-beaten-path location; one-of-a-kind moments that will be cherished and remembered always…. It’s about elevating the concept of tailor-made vacations and providing travelers with a traveler’s ultimate experience in the destinations they want to enjoy.”

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