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Every year, before ice cave season officially begins, explorers head out to discover new big, blue, and safe ice caves to feature on tours before they melt away. This year, Hidden Iceland teamed up with local ice cave explorers to find one cave perfect for exploration
As impressive as these pristine blue cathedrals are, they only survive for a few short months. These ice caves are the result of summer melting and movement, temporarily held in place by the cold snap of the winter. By spring time, these blue giants will collapse and melt away. Each year, what guests get to explore is unique for that season.
And now, you can earn up to 15 percent commission when booking your clients on two Hidden Iceland cave tours.
On the 2-day ice cave tour also featuring the Northern Lights, you can earn 15 percent commission. This option is a great addition to Hidden Iceland day trips, which already offer a 20 percent commission; amping up your total commission on the booking.
On the private 3-day ice cave tour featuring the Golden Circle, the Northern Lights, and the Secret Lagoon hot pool, you are provided NET rates to which you can build in your commission as appropriate.
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