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Contiki is introducing new trips and experiences across Europe for 2022, with an additional 20 percent savings on select trips.  

Designed for travelers between ages 18 to 35, Contiki’s 2022 tours to Europe venture into two new destinations—Tuscany and Romaniaand includes a new series of themed itineraries centered around Active, Food, Vegan and Pride experiences. 

Contiki has also added new European itineraries to their collection of Detour trips, which are mini adventures taking travelers off the tourist trail and onto immersive getaways with incredible local hosts. 

“Contiki’s trips to Europe in 2022 are about including more—more unique experiences, more local insights and unique accommodation,” said Adam Armstrong, CEO of Contiki, in a press statement.“We want to help young travelers make up for lost time, and the value offered on our trips can’t be beaten. No matter their preference, Contiki’s trips allow guests to share unforgettable experiences with like-minded young travelers.”

Through their partnership with TreadRight, Contiki is committed to sustainable travel with new MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experiences, chosen using an assessment criterion endorsed by sustainable tourism experts exclusive to Contiki. These experiences spread awareness about the issues facing wildlife, the planet and the communities we visit while empowering young travelers to step up and make a difference.

All 2022 trips with Contiki will also be carbon neutral, committing to its five-point Climate Action Plan that includes carbon reductions and evolving to support the transition to a low-carbon future.

Travelers can explore several of Contiki’s exciting new European trips and experiences including:

The 7-day Tuscan Escape: Starting in Rome, travelers will explore Tuscany as they enjoy delicious cuisine, idyllic vineyards and a chance to try artisan crafts. They’ll re-live the Renaissance in Florence and Lucca, visit the Siena and Pisa.

The 4-day Castles, Bikes and Hikes in Romania: This new Detour Trip takes guests from Bucharest to Transylvania, as they discover legends, landscapes and lively cities, plus explore the museums, monuments, myths, and mountains of Romania. Whether travelers are into food or folk tales, history, horror or hiking, there’s something for everyone on this trip, from Vlad the Impaler to modern city life, via Count Dracula and the “golden age”of communism. Relaxed tours, a mountain hike, plus a guided bike ride, will open-up stories, sights, scenery, and lively cities as travelers traverse the area. 

HerStory Walking Tour of Split, is a new MAKE TRAVEL MATTER Experience.  On Contiki’s 2022 Croatia Island Sail and Croatia Island Sail Plus trips, guests can participate in a special walking tour of the city, learning about how women helped to shape the history of Split. They’ll learn about places of resistance in Split, about women who inspired great stories in Croatian literature and women who were brave enough to make the first step in creating more equal society. All the proceedings from this social impact experience will go to the Counseling Center for Women Victims of Violence and victims of domestic violence, and Domine—an organization for promoting women’s rights.  

The 8-day Active Alps itinerary was designed for adventurous and active travelers. Staying at Contiki’s exclusive gasthof, nestled in the Austrian Tyrol, this trip allows travelers to take in some of Europe’s most breathtaking scenery, as they hike, bike and picnic their way across the alps. The trip includes swim stops, home-cooked dinners and a tour of Salzburg— home to the sound of music. 

The 4-day Amsterdam Pride journey explores Amsterdam, including dinner in the luxurious first Klass restaurant, a Q&A with a sex worker, and an opportunity to captain your own boat down the winding canals. The trip ends with the Pride parade—taking place upon the water—and includes entry into the after parties. 

To qualify for up to 20 percent savings on Europe trips, Contiki guests must make a full, no-risk $200 deposit for fully flexible bookings.

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