Nearby Bermuda Offers Beaches, Culture and ‘So Much More’

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Located just two hours by air from most U.S. east coast gateways, Bermuda is the ultimate nearby island escape. Home to award-winning accommodations and a range of activities for all types of travelers, Bermuda offers “so much more” than just pretty beaches. A rich array of distinctive experiences await on this jewel of the Atlantic.

Historic Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage site
St. George’s was the island’s first capital in 1612 and in December 2000 was deemed a World Heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in recognition of its “outstanding universal value.” It’s also the oldest English-speaking colonial town still in existence. Today visitors can experience walking tours, outdoor dining, craft markets, the Bermuda National Trust Museum, the Bermuda Perfumery and St. George’s Historical Society Museum.

A cosmopolitan city with Bermudian flair, the island’s current capital is where tourists and locals alike visit when seeking signature restaurants and thriving nightlife with multiple clubs, bars and outdoor live music. Hamilton is the hub of international and local business on the island and home to historic buildings, churches, shops, parks, gardens and the Bermuda National Gallery, a world-class museum that showcases art from Bermuda and beyond.

Royal Naval Dockyard
Located on the western tip of the island, the Royal Naval Dockyard includes an abundance of history alongside multiple leisure activities. The Bermuda National Museum is located within the Dockyard Keep, a 19th century fortress. Shoppers can visit Bermuda Clayworks where local artisans and potters use a converted warehouse as a workshop or the Bermuda Craft Market, the island’s largest, most extensive craft outlet with more than 60 friendly local artists.

South Shore
With its natural beauty and pink-sand beaches, the South Shore is home to some of Bermuda’s best beaches and parks, in addition to some of the island’s best golf courses and resort accommodations. Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse and St. David’s Lighthouse are both over 100 years old and offer breathtaking panoramas from the top balconies.

Off Shore
One of Bermuda’s most alluring attractions is what lies beneath the crystal clear waters. A mecca for watersports lovers, Bermuda is the wreck diving capital of the world and home to over 300 shipwrecks waiting to be explored. Most beaches offer snorkel rentals on site, so visitors can easily slip on a mask and fins and take a peek under the sea. Adventurers looking to stay dry can travel by glass-bottom boat to experience the underwater world without getting wet. Additional attractions include kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing and big game fishing.

The Bermuda Department of Tourism is ready to help planners every step of the way. For more information, visit  or call (800) BERMUDA.