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Millennial travelers looking for a taste of off-the-beaten-track festival life are in for a treat as Geckos Adventures is offering a new trip series to the world’s lesser-known festivals. Globetrotters can get elbow deep in pickled cabbage at the South Korea Kimchi Festival in Seoul, departing Nov. 2, 2017, visit the home of the headless horseman during Halloween in Salem, Massachusetts on an itinerary departing Oct. 26, 2017, or do the conga at Santiago de Cuba’s Carnival on a itinerary departing July 18, 2017, among other trips. On the Santiago de Cuba Carnival itinerary in particular, guests also have the opportunity get lost in the streets of Camaguey, check out the beach and mountains near Trinidad, and experience the culture, history, music and mojitos of Cuba.

“We created this series to meet a growing demand from millennials searching for authentic local experiences in off-the-beaten-track places in combination with their love of all things festivals,” said Leigh Barnes, North America regional director for Geckos Adventures, in a press release statement. “But we chose to skip the long lines at popular events like Burning Man and Coachella in trade for some amazing, yet lesser-known festivals…”

Rates for the 9-day South Korea Kimchi Festival itinerary start at $1,950 pp. Rates for the 7-day Halloween in America itinerary start at $1,480 pp; and rates for 12-day Santiago de Cuba Carnival itinerary start at $1,165 pp. For more information, visit