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Curacao has responded to the COVID-19 travel restrictions by launching a program of virtual experiences to keep travelers engaged.

The Curacao Tourist Board launched the “Dushi things to do at home” Instagram series this week with a high-energy Zumba class taught by professional dancer and Zumba instructor, Cristine Riguad. Check out the video class here.

The Curacao Instagram channel will be sharing locally inspired content every two to three days. The segments are ideal to send clients to inspire future bookings.

“The fun thing about this series is that Curacao’s residents are participating and creating content from their very own backyards and homes,” said Rebecca Marval, marketing manager at the Curacao Tourist Board in a press release statement. “It’s not staged. There are no camera crews. It’s a raw look at some of the experiences that make Curacao so unique. These are everyday people who want to help out their island and curate positive, upbeat content.”

Other planned content in the series will include:

Immune Boosting Recipe
Herbalist Dinah Veeris is the person Curacao residents seek out to cure various ailments, from trouble sleeping to high blood pressure. Well-known on the island for her soft-spoken voice, her caring nature and for singing to her plants, Dinah will share the recipe for an immune boosting herbal juice.

Yoga Session
Curacao’s resident yogi, Liberty Suares, will lead a gentle vinyasa flow to get bodies moving and minds wandering.

Femi Meaux, the owner of Curacao’s first farm-to-table restaurant, Hofi Cas Cora, takes viewers on a tour of her farm as she picks fresh herbs and veggies to make a healthy and delicious homemade quiche.

Backyard Workout
John and Raquel from Elite Fitness will demonstrate both high and low intensity moves from their own backyard that are guaranteed to get the adrenaline pumping and burn calories.

Chef Luigi Eduardo Chavarría is a pastry connoisseur who trained in Paris and who will be showing people how to create a tasty sweet treat.

Interior Design
Okes Curacao, an interior design firm, will be sharing easy tips on how to spruce up your home.

Keshi Yena
The simple steps of this iconic recipe, which literally translates to “stuffed cheese” is courtesy of one of Curacao’s well-known chefs.

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