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As heavy rains have assisted firefighters in Australia who have been battling bushfires, the Tourism Australia North America team and State and Territory partners gathered together on February 11 in New York City to provide an update. This was one of 11 roadshows the tourism bureau is holding in the U.S. and Canada.

“Even those areas that were impacted are open for business,” stressed Jane Whitehead, vice president/regional general manager, The Americas at Tourism Australia.

During the presentation it was stressed the bushfires impacted only three percent of the vast country.

She explained the organization was about to roll out a new marketing campaign, “Come live our Philausophy,” that aimed to capture the philosophy of Australians and their unique approach to life. That campaign was paused as a result of the bushfires and has now been replaced with a simplified message, “There’s Nothing Like Australia.”

In addition, as part of the National Bushfire Recovery effort, Tourism Australia launched a domestic campaign, Holiday Here This Year, encouraging Australians to get out and see their own backyard.

“The best way to help is to go Down Under,” stressed Whitehead.

Also on hand during the New York City roadshow was Craig Wickham of Exceptional Kangaroo Island, a company that specializes in ecotourism wildlife tours for small groups.

Although Wickham, who works and lives on Kangaroo Island, shared that about half the island was impacted, he did share that new shoots are already growing back. Happily, kangaroos and koalas are back as well.

In total, there were 110 travel advisors and journalists who attended three sessions held at the Australian Consulate on February 11.

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