In response to the recent ban on electronic devices, Emirates has introduced a new tablet loan service providing a way for U.S.-bound travelers to stay connected on their return flight home. As of April 5, First and Business Class passengers are being granted complimentary access to Microsoft Surface tablets on board Emirates’ nonstop U.S.-bound flights from Dubai. This service will be available to Premium passengers on all non-stop flights from Dubai to Emirates’ U.S. destinations.

Last month, Emirates introduced a complimentary laptop and tablet handling service for U.S.-bound customers in all cabin classes, wherein passengers are able to retain and use their personal devices until just before they board their U.S.-bound flights. Before boarding, passengers must declare and hand over their laptops, tablets, and other banned electronic devices to security staff at the boarding gate, who will then pack and tag each device to be stored in the aircraft hold and returned to the customer at their U.S. destination. For more information, visit