Agent Rates in Saint Lucia

Village Beach Cottages is one of several properties in Saint Lucia offering special rates during Saint Lucia Agent Month (SLAM).
Villa Beach Cottages is one of several properties in Saint Lucia offering special rates during Saint Lucia Agent Month (SLAM).

Set in the West Indies, Saint Lucia is an island vacation that appeals to a wide range of travelers, whether they are interested in all-inclusive hotels, classic inns, boutique hotels with spas or wellness programs.

With Recommend’s Saint Lucia Expert course, created with the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority, you can not only learn about what this sensational island has to offer and how to sell it to your clients, you can also reap sales rewards and benefits, including access to special SLAM (Saint Lucia Agent Months) rates for hotels across the island.

When agents complete the program, they will receive three continuing education credits from The Travel Institute or the Association of Canadian Travel Agencies; AND will be able to access SLAM rates, which are available June 1-Nov. 30, 2018. For details on how to become a certified Saint Lucia Expert, visit

With over 30 resorts and hotels offering promotional rates and packages ONLY for graduates of the Saint Lucia Expert course, there are several options for agents to choose from. Examples of these rates include the 70 percent discount being offered by Mango Beach Inn and the 50 percent savings from Villa Beach Cottages. At Mango Bay Inn, that discount brings the price of a room down from $200 per night to $60 per night. The promotion also includes free breakfast and free ferry passes. At Villa Beach Cottages, all room categories are eligible for the 50 percent discount, and the promotion also includes a free cocoa plantation tour. Agents booking this offer should use the code VBCLDESLAM18. For more information, visit and or e-mail and

Fond Doux Plantation & Resort is also offering 50 percent off room rates, while agents heading to Bay Gardens Inn or Bay Gardens Hotel can sign up for the bed and breakfast meal plan for $80 pp or the all-inclusive meal plan for $160 pp. Bay Gardens Beach Resort & Spa is also offering meal plan discounts with the bed and breakfast plan set at $150 pp and the all-inclusive plan set at $300 pp. For more information, visit and or e-mail and

To become a Saint Lucia Expert, visit