International Volunteer Day: Trafalgar Encourages Travelers to Give Back

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International Volunteer day
Travelers have the opportunity to volunteer in India with Trafalgar. (Photo courtesy of Trafalgar.)

Today is International Volunteer Day, and Trafalgar is encouraging other companies to join them in giving back.

“Companies should be flexible with team members around supporting individual causes that are close to their hearts and allowing them to choose how they want to give back,” says CEO Gavin Tollman in press materials.

To encourage its employees, Trafalgar gives them more than 24,000 paid hours a year to give them the opportunity to individually make a difference by building, planting, beach cleaning and more, says Tollman.

“It’s a conscious decision of ours and plays a big part in our mission to make travel a force for good. There is no reason why any company, regardless of industry or size, can’t do their part in making a difference in a similar way,” he adds.

If your clients, or their businesses, would like to take part in volunteer opportunities during their travels, Trafalgar offers a few volunteer experiences though their partnership with Me to We.

The program has now extended to India on the Leisurely Rajasthan with Mumbai itinerary. On this itinerary, guests arrive in Udaipur from Mumbai and make their way to the rural surroundings of the Araceli Lodge. Guests will then settle into their private tent or cottage and tour the shared spaces and garden. They’ll also learn about the partner charity’s sustainable development model, which works with rural communities to break the cycle of poverty and achieve long-term community development goals. Projects include school rooms to offer quality primary education; health care services; alternative income projects; safe, clean drinking water and sanitation systems; and agriculture and food security projects.

There will also be time for morning yoga, the opportunity to help local women with their daily activities, a dinner and dance performance showcasing the local folk dance traditions, a nature hike in the foothills of the Mewar region, Indian artisan activities, market shopping, and more. In addition, guests will get the opportunity to participate in a women’s or men’s circle to learn about the community’s daily economic challenges and struggles to support their families. This is an open discussion about the changes in rural India, plus it gives participants the opportunity to discuss gender roles in the community.

For a more information and volunteer tours, visit If you’re interested in visiting Nepa, check out this FAM trip opportunity.