6 of the Hottest & Trendiest Vacation Spots

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Travelers want to visit the hottest and trendiest vacation spots during their travels. After all, they do make great social media posts. If you’re client’s request for 2019 is to visit one of the trendiest destinations, point them to one of Cox & King’s tours, as the tour operator delivers vacations to these once-in-a-lifetime destinations ranging from cultural experiences in Munich to exploring the Ancient Silk Road in Uzbekistan. Their social media will be buzzing with likes when they post similar photos during their travels.

1. Munich

Marienplatz Square in Munich. (Photo Courtesy of Cox & Kings.)

Munich isn’t one of the far off destinations client’s might be thinking about when they consider a hot destination. However, Munich is creating a buzz at the moment for the modernization of the Bavarian State Opera. When you book your clients on a tour to Munich with Cox & Kings, they can arrange for a local historian to guide travelers through the multifaceted city—from Marienplatz Square to Glockenspiel to the Old Pinakothek Museum. During the 7-day trip, travelers will explore the country with stops in Rotenberg, Dresden, and Berlin. Rates for this trip start at $5,195 for dates through March 31, 2020.

2. Uzbekistan

The Kalyan Mosque in Bukhara. (Photo Courtesy of Cox & Kings.)

This off-the-beaten-path destination, is once again trending due to its connection to the famed Silk Road. While on a 12-day trip, travelers will discover the architectural wonders of Register Square in Samarkand, visit silk and ceramics workshops in the Fergana Valley, and take in a performance of song and dance followed by dinner in Bukhara. Rates start at $5,135 for travel now through March 21, 2020.

3. Panama

A spider monkey in the rainforest in Panama. (Photo Courtesy of Cox & Kings.)

There are many new luxury resorts opening up in Panama from coast-to-coast, which is boosting the interest for travelers in this Central American country, including the Isla Palenque Resort in the Gulf of Chiriqui and the soon-to-open Ritz-Carlton Reserve Resort in the Pearl Islands. Guests can take a 9-day journey through the country, including a cruise down the Panama Canal with stops at local coffee plantations and processing plants in the highlands outside Bouquet. Travelers will also explore the indigenous villages by dugout canoe and learn about the traditional ways of life in the rainforest. Rates start at $2,795 for travel through March 31, 2020.

4. Brazil

Capoeira in Salvador. (Photo Courtesy of Cox & Kings.)

Recently Salvador went through a revitalization of the city to save its UNESCO World Heritage title; the city is filled with cultural experiences guest can take part in. Travelers can opt for a 9-day itinerary, which includes walks through the cobblestone streets of the Pelourinho district, discovering treasures at the Mercado Modelo and savoring a traditional Bahian lunch with freshly caught fish and other culinary treats. Rates start at $4,295 for travel through March 31, 2020.

5. India

The Stone Chariot Vitthala Temple in Hampi. (Photo Courtesy of Cox & Kings.)

Travelers will start their journey with a tour of India’s Golden Triangle. From here guests will explore the landscapes of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur before retreating to a luxurious camping experience in historic Hampi. Guests will also spend three nights glamping among the landscape of palaces, temples, and ruins of the UNESCO World Heritage Site at the elegant Kishkinda Camp in Hampi. Rates start at $5,285 for travel from April to July 31, 2019.

6. Persia

The Golestan Palace. (Photo Courtesy of Cox & Kings.)

While on a 14-day luxury train journey through the heart of the ancient Persian Empire with stops at contemporary Iran destinations in some of the countries most impressive cities, cultural centers, desert cities and mountain towns. Guests will explore the artistic heritage of the country, shop for treasures in vibrant bazaars, and enjoy cultural interactions with the local people. According to Cox & Kings, adventure travelers are returning to Iran in 2019 as this is a destination they want to explore. Rates start at $16,495 for travel through March 31, 2020.

For more information, visit coxandkingsusa.com.