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The Singapore Tourism Board is easing the entry requirements for travel to Singapore  and lifting the internal COVID and community mandates within the island nation.

The updates for travel to Singapore include:

  • As of April 1, 11:59 AM (ET) travel categories will be simplified into 2 categories—General Travel or Restricted
  • All fully vaccinated travelers and non-fully vaccinated children aged 12 and below are permitted to enter Singapore
  • A PDT (Pre-Departure Test) 2 days before traveling to Singapore is still required
  • On Arrival Testing is no longer required

In regards to testing, fully vaccinated travelers will no longer need to take any COVID-19 tests in Singapore. However, they must take a pre-departure test (PDT) within two days before departing for Singapore and obtain a negative test result. This PDT can be a Polymerase Chain Reaction test, a professionally-administered Antigen Rapid Test (ART), or a self-administered ART that is remotely supervised by an ART provider in Singapore that provide such services. Singapore’s Ministry of Health is continuing to monitor the local and global COVID-19 situations and may consider removing the PDT requirement in the coming weeks.

Updates within Singapore include:

  • Increase in group size from 5 to 10 ppl
  • Mask-wearing will continue to be required for indoor settings when people leave their homes, but will be optional in outdoor settings
  • Safe distancing continues to be encouraged but will not be required between individuals or groups for mask-on settings; a safe distance of 3 feet will continue to be required for mask-off settings
  • The capacity limit of 50 percent for large events and settings of more than 1,000 ppl will be increased to 75 percent
  • Sale of alcohol will now be allowed beyond 10:30 p.m.

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