doing good
Industry comes together to help during crisis.

As the world fights to combat the threat of COVID-19, the industry is doing good for the community by providing free meals, creating hand sanitizer and providing free lodgings to essential medical staff.

The Loren at Pink Beach in Bermuda has partnered with Bermuda-based bank, The Bank of NT Butterfield, to provide free meals for vulnerable citizens. The initiative will provide 500 meals daily for seniors and other vulnerable Bermudians, and the bank has pledged over $150,000 in funding for the staff at The Loren to make the meals, and deliver them to churches and community groups during the month of April.

Meanwhile, in South Walton, Florida, the newly opened Distillery 98 is using its high-proof alcohol to produce homemade hand sanitizer. The distillery mixes the alcohol with aloe vera, peroxide, and glycerin, and will be donating the product to local governments, healthcare workers, restaurants, gas stations and others. They are also in the process of creating mobile stations at the distillery itself where first responders can make their own product or refill their bottles on-site. When not creating hand sanitizer, the sustainable distillery utilizes a grain to glass production process where they pick up local corn for their product, filter it with Florida oysters, and then give the spent grain mash to a nearby farm.

Also in South Walton, hotel management company Howard Hospitality Group has closed three hotel properties through at least April 30, but instead of letting the rooms sit empty, they are offering free lodging at the Residence Inn by Marriott to essential medical staff with the local hospital, Ascension Sacred Heart Hospital Emerald Coast.

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