Mexico Destination Weddings & Honeymoon Planner

Mexico Destination Weddings & Honeymoon Planner

Central Region: Colonial- Mexico City and Cuernavaca

Mexico City is the seat of power of the Republic and a thoroughly captivating megalopolis with endless possibilities.

Northern Region: Beaches

The Baja Peninsula is where the desert meets the ocean, where brilliant blue skies overlook the vibrant green of championship golf courses and expansive luxury resorts vie for attention with quirky boutique properties.

Take A Vow

Many hotel groups make couples a priority, with onsite wedding coordinators, dedicated wedding sites and lots of extras to make sure brides get the day of their dreams.

Marrying in Mexico

In Mexico there’s a distinct difference between a wedding ceremony and a legally binding marriage: one does not equal the other. In fact, most Mexicans celebrate two special occasions, first the legalizing civil ceremony, followed by the formal religious wedding in a church.

Getting There

Airlines announced a flurry of new flights in the past year that make getting to Mexico easier than ever.