August 2013

August 2013

Kimpton Takes Center Stage in San Francisco.

Kimpton and San Francisco go hand-in-hand: Both the brand and the city are a little bit quirky, in a good way, and both are not shy about expressing their whimsical side.

South Africa-Bicycles, Horses & Wonderful experiences

South Africa offers a veritable cornucopia of experiences—a vacationer’s delight that challenges travelers to venture that extra mile beyond roads less traveled and to places where visitors are few.

A French Twosome with SLH

Although Paris and the South of France have completely different vibes—Paris offers a fast-paced, city life ambiance and numerous attractions, while the Riviera emits a quieter, laid-back lifestyle—we recommend you pair this handsome duo into a fabulous getaway.

Bogota, Colombia

This past spring, Recommend was whisked away on a whirlwind tour of Bogota, Colombia. Although we wished we could’ve spent more time in this South American hotspot, during the short time we were there, Bogota managed to enthrall and enrapture our senses with its culture, museums, pre- and post-Columbian architecture, and its world-class local and international cuisine.

Rockin It In Vallarta

When rocker Eric Clapton donated a Fender Lead II guitar to mark his favorite seat at London’s Hard Rock Cafe in 1979, he did more than permanently reserve his perch at the quirky American diner.

The Softer Side of Baja

Villa del Palmar brings luxury to a mellow Mexican gem.

A Non-Diver’s Guide to the Westin Grand Cayman

Your clients like scuba diving and have an income north of middle class? Easy.

A Tale of Two Cultures

St. Martin/St. Maarten packs a cultural punch. On the north side, this dual-heritage, 37-sq.-mile island associates itself with the French West Indies, while the southern portion, St. Maarten, is part of the Netherlands Antilles.

Aruba Marriott Resort

My first visit to Aruba was on a FAM trip in the early 1980s.