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5 Getaways Post-COVID for Romantic Millennials

We’ve handpicked 5 hotels around the globe overflowing with romance to put on your Millennial clients' radars for post-COVID travels.
work from home

7 Tips for Travel Advisors Working From Home

Reality is starting to set in for many that the work from home scenario might be for more than just a few weeks. Here are 7 tips from travel advisors on working from home.

Future Expeditions to Remote Destinations With Pelorus

PELORUS devise new expeditions to remote destinations and encourage clients to plan for future travel adventures post-COVID-19.
Resort cocktails

Telecommute Your Tastebuds with 6 Resort Cocktails

Connect with your clients by sharing these 6 resort cocktail recipes that let past-and-future guests experience a taste of the tropics in their own home.
ladies in travel

8 Leading Ladies in Travel

In celebration of International Women's Day, we'd like to focus on a few leading ladies who are putting travel and hospitality on the map (pun intended).
Travel trends

3 Travel Trends to Expect in 2020

To help you better target where travelers want to go to, Zicasso has examined the recurring preferences and interests of this past year’s travelers and identified three travel trends you can expect in 2020.
Country Coupling

3 Country Coupling Combinations

Virtuoso reports a rise in travelers combining diverse destinations into a single journey to enrich their travels with contrasting experiences.
multi-gen family travel

6 Hotels Geared for Multi-Gen Travel

Multi-gen family travel is a trend that's isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Families are not just heading out of town with the kids, but bringing along the grandparents, as well as aunts and uncles, too.
bicycling trends

3 Trends in Bicycling Vacations

E-bikes, all-women tour groups and multi-generational travel are the top travel trends for 2020 according to VBT Bicycling Vacations.
cruise trends

7 Cruise Trends for 2020

Cruisers are seeking far-flung, pristine destinations in 2020, driven by a desire for immersion in each location, according to global luxury travel network Virtuoso. 
year of discovery

2020 is the Year of Discovery & Exploration

The year 2020 will be a year of travel discovery & exploration and these experiences range by demographic and travel style.
family london

3 Family-Friendly Ways to Explore London

These three family-friendly tours will be sure to entertain those from the Gen Z generation to the Baby Boomers.

5 Rooms With A View

We take a look at the some of the inspirational settings with stunning views that could elevate your getaway, from Ireland to Abu Dhabi.
disney experiences sans kids

5 Disney Experiences Sans Kids

These booking opportunities are perfect for those traveling sans little ones—think an adults-only weekend escape filled with unique Disney indulgences complete with foodie fun, pampering spas, and late night parties.
kids' programs

3 Resort Programs That Get Kids Out Into Nature

These three luxury resorts have developed immersive kid's programs aimed at getting children off their mobile devices and exploring the wonders of nature.
Gran Destino Tower

Gran Destino Tower: 3 Delights

Gran Destino Tower offers a tasteful, sophisticated decor and storytelling that even your most well-heeled clients will appreciate.
Hotels for kids

Top Luxury Hotels for Kids

We take a look at some of the luxury hotels across the globe that cater for kids with immersive activities and experiential programs.

Hotels Roll Out Unusual Concierge Programs

With this year marking its 90th anniversary of the first hotel concierge ever debuted in 1929, resorts around the world are rolling out unusual concierge programs.
Atlantis The Palms Dubai International yoga day

Strike a Pose to Celebrate International Yoga Day

Whether your clients strike their best warrior pose on a regular basis or are novices looking to try something new, these properties around the world are giving travelers opportunities to sink even deeper into their vacation relaxation with a yoga session.
Casa Palopo micro-cation getaway

5 Properties Offering Micro-Cation Getaways

Here are just a few of the properties offering special deals and packages specifically designed for shorter stays.