Virgin Voyages’ Hip Style

With the first look inside its newest ship, due for delivery in 2020, Virgin Voyages is showcasing its design ethos “Modern Romance of Sailing.” Virgin Voyages has carefully curated a Creative Collective featuring some of the world’s top interior design firms, none of whom have ever designed for the cruise industry before: Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio in London; Roman and Williams in New York; Concrete Amsterdam; Softroom in London; and WorkAC in New York. Here’s a peek.

6. Pink Agave

The ship’s upscale modern Mexican restaurant, Pink Agave, will feature Tom Dixon’s famed void lighting adorning its entryway. The restaurant, designed by the Design Research Studio, will feature electric blue metallic lighting fixtures cascading from the ceilings above oversized banquets that line the dining room’s portholes. An elongated curved lounger centers the room with round tables for two offering an intimate dining experience.

5. Richard’s Rooftop

Designed by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio, Richard’s Rooftop will be an exclusive chic outdoor lounge reserved for the ship’s suite guests. This private club will feature a futuristic aesthetic with circular loungers, giant umbrellas and accents of dichroic glass that will cast shadows of rainbow reflections across the outdoor lounge.

4. The Manor

Virgin Voyages’ signature nightclub, The Manor, is inspired by Richard Branson’s history in the music industry and his first ever Virgin music studio of the same name. Designed by the Roman and Williams design firm, this dance-music fueled features emerald, aubergine undertones and gold accents, and it’s made for people-watching.

3. The Dock

Reminiscent of seaside lounges in the Hamptons, Ibiza, and Bali, this outdoor lounge space, designed by Roman and Williams, focuses on relaxation and socializing, with the stunning ocean views the stars of the show.

2. Athletic Club

Designed by Concrete Amsterdam, this nautical-themed outdoor lounge features the largest daybed at sea—a white-and-red striped semi-circular lounger that will be the spot for sunbathing or stargazing. Adjacent to the day bed is a 220-sq.-ft. area of triple netting where passengers can lay out and overlook the open space and decks below, similar to a catamaran design. It also features 10 cabanas overlooking the ocean with beverage service from the adjacent bar.

1. Test Kitchen Restaurant

With its inviting entryway—lighting fixture images that mimic the periodic table—the Test Kitchen Restaurant, designed by Concrete Amsterdam, features a laboratory-like environment accented by metallic furniture, sleek clean lines and beakers, test tubes and volumetric flasks.