Velas Resorts in Mexico has launched the Stay Safe With Velas program. Detailed in an extensive 15-page booklet, the program covers seven categories including general health and sanitary measures, special protocols for guests and staff members, public areas, housekeeping, transportation and security, and food and beverage. It adheres to standards dictated by the World Health Organization and the government of Mexico.

“We are committed to putting the health and well-being of guests and staff members first,” said Eduardo Vela Ruiz, president and founder of Velas Resorts, in a press release statement. “Each of our luxury resorts will now feature a plethora of post-COVID-19 hygiene protocols, high efficiency sanitization and other advanced cleaning measures.”

General health and sanitary measures will include touchless hand sanitizing dispensers placed at various high-contact points at the resorts, including the main lobby, staff and suppliers entrance, pool area, restaurants and bars. All resorts will increase the frequency of cleaning in common areas, with special attention to surfaces such as entrance doors, tables, elevators and seating areas. Physical distancing measures will be enforced with guests and staff members, following the World Health Organization’s recommendations to keep at least 6 feet distance apart.

All staff members, before and after their work day, will be required to pass through a sanitizing booth with a high-efficiency steam system and an infrared sensor, which is highly effective in sanitizing people and objects. Staff members’ temperatures will be checked when boarding the resort’s staff bus and upon their arrival at the resort;​​​​​​​ and hand washing from all staff members will be required on an hourly basis.

Upon arrival at the resort, guests will have their body temperature taken and their luggage sanitized. Every guest will receive the ‘Stay Safe with Velas’ program, highlighting all security and hygiene protocols; and upon departure, will receive a sanitary kit, including gloves, hand sanitizer, wet wipes and face mask.

All housekeeping equipment will be sanitized at the beginning and end of every shift, including maid trolleys, suite service tables and trays. All serving staff members must wear a face mask at all times; menus will be made available on personal devices to eliminate the need for printed menus; and suite service will be delivered at the door, with all meals protected by a plastic film or a food cover.

The full Stay Safe with Velas program can be found here.