Want to check the COVID-19 threat level in a particular state before booking a trip for your client? COVID Act Now, a nonprofit organization that consists of a multidisciplinary team of technologists, epidemiologists, health experts, and public policy leaders working to provide disease intelligence and data analysis on COVID in the US, has created an alerts system that can help.

COVID Alerts let you know when the COVID threat level, based on metrics critical to monitoring COVID, such as infection growth rate and ICU capacity, changes in your county or state.

Sign up here to receive alerts about the state and/or county you want to keep track of. COVID Act Now will let you know if the threat level changes.

The alert system determines threat level based on four metrics used in each state and county: infection rate, positive test rate, number of patients in the ICU, and contacts traced.

For each metric, the COVID risk is scored as either low, medium, high, or critical. There is also an overall COVID threat score for the state or county based on the same four metrics.

For more information, go to covidactnow.org

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